Utilising College Various Facilities
Infrastructure facilities are the key for effective and efficient conduct of the educational programmes. The Institution has 18 class rooms, 1 computer labs, 3 ICT enabled Smart Rooms, 1 seminar halls,1 E-Corner ,Research & Development Cell, well equipped library, 1 Multipuprose Teen Shade with Dice, 1 Parking Stand and 1 sports Ground. All the facilities are extensively used for effective teaching-learning and research. The campus area of more than 5 acres provides the institution with ample scope for expansion in the coming years.Construction works of new PG block, Library is in the Pipeline. Furniture, laboratory equipment and computer facilities have been enhanced and tuned to match the needs of time. Right from the inception the college had the main motto of providing the best facilities for the student community by using the available resources. The policy of the college is to provide the best infrastructural facilities available to the students and ensure optimum initialization of these facilities in academic and non-academic programmes.
ThisCollege has got Indoor & Outdoor Facilities. College has adequate number of classrooms, library,Basket Ball Court,Batminton Court, Open Gym,Big Sports Ground, General Computer Lab, Statistics PG Lab,Seminar Hall, Office, Principal’s chamber, Career guidance Cell , Physical Education Department, and internet facility.
Details of the facilities available for curricular and extracurricular activities
SL No Description Number
01 Classroom 18
02 General Library 01
03 E-Corner 01
04 Computer Lab (UG) 01
05 Smart Classes ICT Enabled 03
06 Science Lab 04