To provide low cost quality higher education to the students specially girls students of socio-economically weaker sections of the semi urban area of Bisauli and adjacent rural area, in order to bridge the rural-urban divide ,enhancing skills, bring gender equality and economic independence.This college has a vision to break stereotype mindset and other socio-economic and cultural stigmas of local peoples through continuous education and extension programmes, thus bringing the backward population of Bisauli block into mainstream. To prepare graduate to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills.To bridge the gap between academia and industry by imparting practical orientation ,innovation and professional ethics in students.We have research vision it will be helpful in being ambitious, inspiring and able to guide a research team towards achieving meaningful outcomes.  
As a unit of Uttar Pradesh Government higher education, Damyanti Raj Anand Govt Degree College, Bisauli is engage in pursuit of academic excellence, in order to achieve the empowerment of women in the adjoining rural area by The Development of leadership skills, Inner strength and self-reliance Inculcate moral values and tolerance Making new technological innovations available to the target group, in order to prepare them to face national and global challenges.  
To strive continuously to disseminate and advance the knowledge by adopting a process of quality, creativity and innovation in imparting education.
To endeavour for horizontal expansion and vertical growth of the college through infrastructural development and opening of new courses.
To ensure the welfare of students, faculty members and support staff via extending opportunities for their capacity building and professional development.
To educate and train students into enlightened, responsible and dedicated citizen of the country through internalizing core human value.