Damayanti Raj Anand Government College has got a dedicated Proctorial Board which is responsible for ensuring rules and regulation framed by Institute are being followed by the students. Specific responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:

  • To maintain discipline in the Institute.
  • To ensure ensure Institute rules are understood and followed

The structure of Proctorial Board is as foillows :

Photo Name of Board Member
Prof(Dr) Sapna Bharti-Chief Proctor
Prof(Dr) Sima Rani-Staff Proctor
Asst Prof(Dr) MM Varshney-Staff Proctor
Asst Prof(Dr) Rajesh Kumar-Staff Proctor
Asst Prof(Dr) Parul Rastogi-Staff Proctor
Asst Prof(Dr) Manjusha-Staff Proctor
Asst Prof Tarun Prakash-Staff Proctor