As a unit of Uttar Pradesh Government higher education, Damyanti Raj Anand Govt Degree College, Bisauli is engage in pursuit of academic excellence, in order to achieve the empowerment of women in the adjoining rural area by

  • The Development of leadership skills, Inner strength and self-reliance
  • Inculcate moral values and tolerance
  • Making new technological innovations available to the target group, in order to prepare them to face national and global challenges

To provide low cost quality higher education to the girl students of socio-economically weaker sections of the area, in order to bridge the rural-urban divide and thus bring about holistic national development

Promoting the headship programs of the Central and State government such as "SWATCHH BHARAT, SWASTH BHARAT", "PADHE BETIYAN, BADE BETIYAN", Skill Development etc;