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Faculty/Department List
S.No. Photo Name Department Contact Email
1 1 Dr. Manjusha (Dept. Of Physics) Department of Science 8859679348 manjushadragdc@gmail.com
2 1 Dr. Rajesh Kumar (Dept. of Mathematics) Department of Science 9219025285 rajmathraj@rediffmail.com
3 1 Dr. Madan Mohan Varshney (Head of Department) Department of Commerce 7505636578 drmadanmohan.varshney11@gmail.com
4 1 Mr. Deepak Harpal Diwakar (Dept. of Commerce) Department of Commerce 7827239560deepakdiwakar@hotmail.com
5 1 Dr. Akansha Department of Commerce 7017566870 rastogiakansha0@gmail.com
6 1 Prof. Sapna Bharti (Dept. of Sanskrit) Department of Arts 7451804705 drsapna1919@gmail.com
7 1 Prof. Seema Rani (Dept. of Poli. Science) Department of Arts 7409224954 seemabharti1975@gmail.com
8 1 Dr. Parul Rastogi (Dept. Of English) Department of Art 9456406069 rastogiparul515@gmail.com
9 1 Mr.Tarun Prakash (Dept.of History) Department of Art 8971589789 tarun79723@gmail.com
10 1 Mr. Sumit Kumar (Junior Clerk) Non Teaching Staff 8273102525 gdcsumit@gmail.com

Promoting the headship programs of the Central and State government such as "SWATCHH BHARAT, SWASTH BHARAT", "PADHE BETIYAN, BADE BETIYAN", Skill Development etc;